Top 7 AI SEO Software To Quickly Improve Your Rankings in 2021

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Top 7 AI SEO Software To Quickly Improve Your Rankings in 2021

Improving your ranking is clearly the major concern here. But how does your online presence increase your business growth? Leverage your marketing digitally has become prominent and common but the visibility will be more prominent once artificial intelligence comes into the picture.

While there are a ton of complexities to different types of AI, all you really need to know right now is that “artificial intelligence” describes many different types of smart technologies. And many of these technologies can have a serious impact on your marketing career and performance.These technologies analyze large datasets.

What is AI SEO?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how people interact with online content. Google’s AI algorithm is especially worth noting. Top-ranking SEO performance requires attention to many metrics, including traffic, backlinks, and social shares — to name just a few. Our guide gives you insights into some of the most relevant and timely search engine optimization trends to anticipate for allowing you to prepare your SEO strategy accordingly. But when it comes to AI SEO, it plays a huge role in ranking your content. They don’t just crunch numbers, though. They use advanced computer science techniques and superior computational firepower to extract insights from data.

These insights can then be used to make predictions, recommendations, and decisions. If you want to know the best AI SEO which gives your business a top ranking. Keep on reading!


NexODN is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) SEO Platform as a Service (PaaS) in Malaysia. NexODN is an SEO expert system employing various machine learning and deep algorithms to help you improvise your site content from on-page,off-page and everything in between to guide you what you need to include in your SEO strategy and elevate your business growth, unlike traditional manual guessworks SEO that is obselete.

Marketers would optimize content for a good start for search engines to outperform competition in no time. NexODN is an AI SEO tool that can give you best machine learning recommendations consisting of  title tags, meta descriptions, headers, paragraph headers, text content, internal linkages, and even the backlink recommendations based on top-ranking competitors.

Key benefits :

  • Discover the competitive term or keywords you want to rank – Rank Them For Your Business.
  • Reveal highly relevant & profitable topics (keywords and terms), include them in your content – Optimize Your Content Creation.

Reach the right prospects with the right message at the right time(relevance & intent) – Get More Qualified Traffic & Lead,


Alli.AI is the AI SEO powered tool which can help optimize your page automatically without coding in minutes. The AI SEO tool instantly modernizes your page with its smart decision enabling quality backlink and escalating business growth.

Alli AI would prioritize your highest ROI keyword by analyzing your industry which can find the recommended backlink and ultimately show you how to build them.This will allow you to keep track and monitor keyword sites. If you are keen to fix broken links, add into backlinks on the fly. This is the AI SEO tool that you need the most.

Alli AI uses artificial intelligence to simplify SEO processes through an all-in-one software tailored for each client and packaged into a pretty nice UI. The process includes planning your SEO strategy, finding backlinks and content optimizations. In addition, the tool constantly tracks your traffic progress  so that you can see how well things are working.

Key benefits:

  • Customize recommendations
  • Fast installations and SEO optimization
  • Full control of any campaigns
  • One click away to optimization approval


Their concept is pretty much based on concept-data-driven recommendations, harvesting and delivering the same data in seconds. Can I Rank is an online AI SEO tool that helps find keywords your competitors are targeting. The tool consists of recommending the highest performing keywords that can rank your content in google search

The AI SEO will monitor the results on an ongoing basis and notify any changes that are crucial to pay attention to such as any competitors on the move or new link opportunities

Additionally, the AI SEO tool will turn the relevant data from every search engine result page into the most relevant keyword and content usage so you won’t spend an amount of time doing them manually. The tool will make important words stand out the most by giving you links for maximum benefit.

The SEO competitive analysis software plays its part which tells them straight what makes the competitors that rank higher different from them. The AI tool will close the gap and track your report which consists of ranking factors, new ranking changes and in-depth explanation of which SEO tasks were completed.


Diib is amongst the sought-after AI SEO tools aimed to elevate your business growth. The tool does not only show competitors’ ranking, they help recommend you new, better keyword ranking to outrank the competitors. Additionally, if you ever experience your site rankings drop in google search, the AI tool will tell you which page was affected and how to fix them right.

The tool will simply analyze your website for a start to identify the problems and enhance your traffic and leads

Key benefits :

  • Know your powerful SEO keywords and backlinks
  • In-depth analytics. A new set of content and ideas
  • Keep track of all your progress and efforts
  • Additional tips, tools, and tutorials.

You will get a notification fast with the best keywords to rank. Once the ranking drops, you will receive another notification on ways to fix them. The tool will analyze your website and competitor’s website deeply to grow your leads online. The fast result they can give you is less than 1 minutes only

5. Marketbrew

Marketbrew seamlessly navigates your search engine model, from off-page to on-page revealing hundreds of keyword algorithms to help you rank higher. Your ranking success will be based on its test and predictive modeling which distinguishes the first result to finally analyze your SEO results in seconds.

With search engine modeling, you can reveal ranking factors and see why one webpage was selected over another. This is to show you which web pages give you the most traffic and what you can do to improve them. Moreover, you will have the chance to observe your competitor’s SEO analyzes and tell you straight specific reasons you’re below their ranking.

What makes this tool differ from others is that it will provide you a clear direction with the visual to explain your current analysis and how to step ahead. The AI tool conveniently provide you with definite ways to sort your problems with ranking because that’s the main concern here right


Pave AI will tell you the tool that turns google analytics into data insights that will be helpful to improve your marketing strategy daily. The algorithms can easily suggest to you what can be improved and what’s not. Most days, you will allocate an amount of time practicing the strategy that you think is the best for your business. With Pave AI, they will define your goals first on which site for the revenue to increase and in the end, a detailed report will be presented to you. You will be able to customize and edit your report effortlessly and seamlessly.

Their integration engineers will work directly with your in-house data analyst for effortless onboarding and integration that will guarantee you the most valuable data you can have. Above all, the AI tool identifies the most vital insights across your marketing and social media channels to give you ideas on how to increase your ROI in a short period of time.


In conclusion, it is an undeniable fact that AI SEO software is one of the essential resources to help strategize your marketing, define your goals clearly by optimizing your page content. In this most competitive world, every business needs to stay on top of the game ensuring the leads can be achieved in the quickest possible way.

If you’re planning to rank higher on google search engines. Now is your turn to step ahead with AI SEO software. Keep reading to learn how to use AI SEO to improve your website. Keen to evolve your business with a brilliant smart recommendation system? Get FREE consultation with our SEO Expert in Malaysia to guide you through the heavy.