The Future of Content Writing : How AI Copywriting Tools Mean for Writers and Journalists?

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The Future of Content Writing : How AI Copywriting Tools Mean for Writers and Journalists?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment. Although there are no AIs that can perform the wide variety of tasks an ordinary human can do, some AIs can match humans in specific tasks. It is an undeniable fact that AI plays a crucial role in these challenging times. It may create worries in human content writers due to its popularity, but that’s not the case here. Humans spend a lot of time from the beginning to define the right topic of your content and to conclude them. The headache comes when you intend more people to view your content. Bear in mind, why is there a need to spend a lot of time when AI can make your work way easier if using it strategically. But how can good content be proven?

This is an advanced topic of AI content writer for sure. Do you want automated content that can summarize your blog post or even summarize a long-form text? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Who needs AI Copywriting Tools?

AI is indeed slowly taking over human works with or without humans
realizing. People do feel anxious when thinking of how it would impact on
almost everything. That’s why we bring that anxiety to Google. When the
writers search “will AI replace content writers” they also research on:

Source: Google

How do AI copywriting tools work?

AI employs deep learning and natural language processing (NLP), utilizing millions of existing composing tests in its database from which to pull. AI deep learning tries to mimic how the human brain works and functions. NLP attempts to analyze and generate language in the way and how humans communicate naturally. This process when it’s combined is very similar to where computers learn to read and have the ability to understand the human language at the same time. AI learns to construct sentences in grammatically correct sentences as humans do. Simply put, the machines use algorithms to collect and find the meaning of words before the valuable data is then processed, converted into meaningful text.

The risks of having human-like characteristics (Read:Robot) to help you with your work can be essential at times. Although sometimes, robots are
often related to show complex operations and with humans who are far more advanced in the sense that it is not easy to match up with how humans think. Logically speaking, humans are far more complex than robots. But our day to day duties at work makes us realise how good it would be for robots to be in charge instead. This is the reason AI copywriting tools were invented. Not to only aid the writing process but would save an amount of time in writing.

Most AI tools also add short and long-tail keywords so it will be easier for human readers to understand the context of the article. It is not only content-generated. It also adds high-quality language samples so it is
easier for human readers to understand the context of the article.

All of this happens within a minute or so, and the result is a unique output. As a professional content writer, do you want automated content that can summarize your blog post or even summarize a long-form text? If yes, keep
reading we’ll let you know the best AI copywriting for you to use.

What is the Use of AI in Content Writing?

How fast can a human write high quality content? No one can know. One of
the restrictions of people is their capacity to scale; a human intellect
couldn’t type in 2,000 articles in a week approximately the same point and
make each one special. But how fast auto-generated content can provide
you with genuine content in seconds? That’s the beauty of AI. A human
writer moreover takes a part of time inquiring about and approving truths
when composing a story or article. So, why not utilize AI computer
programs to assist with the heavy where people can’t capture up?

Imagine writing a news article about an event, it takes hours to identify and
verify every bit of information. But with AI powered tools, you (yes, you
writers!) will be able to check all the facts in seconds and have all the
information you need. Some of the AI content generators would still need
minutes of human work but importantly, a lot less than you do by your own.
AI deep algorithms smartly employ millions of articles, website data for you
in seconds.

The Future of AI Writers Begin Here

AI has been the most salient topic for quite some time. There aren’t any AI software that can create content creative enough just like human beings. It still needs human work to aid the process and checking up the content is rather crucial as well. However, this can still save a lot of human work. A lot of writers, journalist depend on AI for help, for instance, Grammarly. The point is having AI that could help do your research writing, and checking the content for you could be a tremendous time-saving process for all writers.

Best AI Text Generator You Can Rely On

How do you define a text generator as the best? You can have your content auto generated for you in second. But how do you get people to read your content? This is where SEO-geared content plays the best role. SEO Content Machine is the best content generator for getting a top place in search engines. Even if you lack the comprehensive skills of a content writer, link builder or SEO expert, you can still please the almighty Google with your rich content.

For example, NexODN is the AI Powered SEO tool that simply gives you the best, genuine and SEO-friendly content they need. SEO-friendly content is the most worthy content that helps the search engines rank themhigh. The content will be able to rank on the first page of Google in minutes. Some marketers would think this is stuffed with keywords. Unlike NexODN, it’s really meant to help search engines find, understand and connect with the genuine topic that generated for you. NexODN AI content generator relies on Generative Pre-trained Transformer 2 (GPT-2), the third-generation language prediction model, open source AI created by Elon Musk’s AI research lab OpenAI in February 2019. A powerful tool that generates SEO-content and gives best recommendations to insert in your article, blogs and postings.

NexODN requires writers to use a simple text generator with any type of content. In the platform, you are provided a field where you can enter keywords that describe the gist of your article. From this, the AI text generator will analyze the context. Then it will start tapping into its numerous knowledge bases in order to extract the proper sentiment, relevant keywords, and content structure before a complete readable text is delivered to you in a minute.

With the help of natural language processing (NLP), the article can pass as something that was written by a human. This technology goes above and beyond simply putting words together and being able to rank them higher in google.


As you might have noticed, many AI copywriting tools out there still need a lot of improvements to go through. NexODN isn’t the best software there is but the software is indeed the first of its kind and what more to be proud of than getting your business to be read on and your brand to be known of? Just by simply making your content rank on top of google and isn’t that amazing? If you are keen to get your brand content higher on google. Talk to our AI SEO Malaysia expert today and we will sort out every piece of search engine optimization works