Importance of Usability, Experience & Content
Search engine rankings are significantly influenced by the user experience, usability and the quality and relevance of the content put up on your website. While building a website, Nexus Mediaworks recommends to follow the below 5 aspects at all times.

  • Imagine all possible queries a visitor may have when they are redirected to your website. Keep the website simple to navigate, very easy to understand and interesting to use.
  • Ensure straight and clear information is provided to queries which lead visitors to your site. Transparent information will bring in more visitors.
  • Design your website professionally through a qualified, expert designer or visualizer. A little more money spent would give your website a good user interface. Ensure your sites are compatibles across all browsers and devices including tablets and smart-phones. Increasingly, sites are viewed on mobile devices than work stations.
  • Your site should have only the most relevant, sound and “real” information as content. Delusive or counterfactual content would be disastrous for your site’s indexing.
  • Update your site’s content and design periodically. Refresh it to keep them updated and current.

Creating an intelligent, interactive user experience is a virtual guarantee that your website is first amongst equals and gets better attention and higher recall value.

Visitors and searchers tend to like such high quality design websites for a long time through activities like sharing and bookmarking.

These two aspects of a website carry a positive impact on search engine rankings and indexing. Their benefits are tangible and measurable. This tells the search engine crawlers that the website is a high quality website.


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