SEO Myths & Illusions
As search engines constantly evolve, there’s been an aura around how their algorithm works. There are people who claim to have cracked an algorithm. There are also others who promise to give results within 10 days of starting a campaign and plan. Another set of people ridicule and rubbish SEO as a gimmick to earn “easy money”. The truth is somewhere in the middle of all these. SEO definitely is not an option for making easy money!

Nexus Mediaworks would like to take the position of a though leader and bust a few myths which exist about this science and process. We present the top 5 Myths of SEO.

  1. When SEO started, there were “submission forms” which were part of the optimisation process. Sites and pages would be tagged with keyword information and submit them to the engines. All that was left thereafter would be for the bot to crawl the website and index it. Easy, isn’t it?? Not Really!!!
    Since 2001, search engine submission is not required and is a dead process. As a best practice, webmasters should look at ways of earning links from other sites. This opens up your website to the search engines. If you read a SEO “expert” advocating submissions, stay away!!!
  2. If you are being sold on meta tags and meta keywords tag as a VERY important part of the SEO process, think twice about the person! Long back, webmasters included relevant keywords of your website and tag them. Online search for those keyword would show your website’s page. However, this process was culled very swiftly. Its no longer an important ranking signal. The meta robots tag is a significant regulator of controlling spider access. However, SEO is not “all about meta tags”!
  3. While it is important to have a certain percentage of your content devoted to keywords, overdoing it would be fatal. A page which says “Mike is a cheap Penang electrician is the best cheap Penang electrician for all your electrical fitting needs. Contact a cheap Penang electrician for your electrical requirements.” makes your website look like an online spam portal! Even though it’s been repeatedly confirmed by the search engine firms themselves, there is still a belief that keyword density defines your website’s indexing. It really is NOT so. Strategic use of keywords with product X-factors heightens the relevancy of your website.
  4. Manipulative linking is a death knell for your website. Reciprocal link exchange programs are a thing of the past. Today’s sophisticated engines are smart enough to sight these and ignore such attempts.
  5. Fake referrals could be the last nail in the coffin. Creating random good reviews and referrals with ubiquitous names like Joe, Mary, Chan, Ying etc. are no longer a value add. If anything, they devalue and deface your site and raise questions on its reputation. Such activities could lead to sites being banned from indexing.

Nexus Mediaworks works with only the best practises of the SEO industry for your campaigns and marketing operations.


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