Search Engine Tools & Services
Search Engine Optimisation is a complex science and yet simple at the same time! Confused??? Don’t be so! Most search engines expect webmasters / administrators to build websites and write data in a way which is easily understood by the spiders and bots. Enabling the search engines to crawl and index a websites involves giving those bots “clues” and guidance. There are tools and resources which are enablers of information exchange with these search algorithms.

As someone who is new to internet marketing & search engine optimisation, Nexus Mediaworks¬†would like to appraise you of a few things you should be aware of and ensure that it’s incorporated while your campaign is planned.

  1. Sitemaps – This is like an usher who welcomes and guides the search engine spiders to your website and tells them how they can crawl your website. A sitemap “introduces” those part and information of your website which may not be visible to the bots on their own.
  2. RSS Feed – Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, can easily be coded to automatically update when new content is added.
  3. Robots.txt – The robots.txt file gives instructions to automated web crawlers visiting your site, including search spiders. By using robots.txt, webmasters can indicate to search engines which areas of a site they would like to disallow bots from crawling as well as indicate the locations of sitemap files.
  4. XML – Extensible Markup Language (Recommended Format) is the most widely accepted format for sitemaps. It is extremely easy for search engines to parse and can be produced by a plethora of sitemap generators.
  5. Meta Robots – The meta robots tag creates page-level instructions for search engine bots.

There are hundreds of such “hints” and tools which are part of SEO best practises. The above list is just an introduction of what it takes to “optimise” your website.

Nexus Mediaworks would be happy to take a counselling session and explain the nuances of SEO in detail to formulate an online campaign for you.


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