SEO Keyword Relevance
“It all begins with words typed into a search box” is a statement one hears often about keywords. How true! Practically speaking – keyword research is almost like researching the product market. It opens up your eyes and ears to the language being used by people who deal and work with the product every day. Not using the proper language or set of keywords which is relevant to the service or product, results in a lot of missed traffic, and genuine traffic at that.

There are three basic steps towards having that killer stack of keywords in your website and to target through search engines.

  • Create a seed list of starting terms
  • Expand your list using keyword research tools
  • Refine your list with competitive research

Although long keywords /phrases get lesser traffic compared to shorter keywords, these long tailed keywords get you the most relevant and qualified traffic – the logic being it would only be used by folks who know what they want and hence are looking for the exact service / product provider. Having said that, to generate traffic in bulk, you do need short and catchy keywords too.

The mantra to remember is “the more specific you are, the better”. Let’s look at a real life example – If you own an alcohol distillery, what is the relevant keyword?

“Scotch Whisky” vs “alcohol fermentation and distilling”

It is evident that the person searching for “alcohol fermentation and distilling” is not trying to buy anything, he or she is probably researching how alcohol is made Since your website used something similar, the search re-directed the user to your site. It may seem a good idea to optimize “Scotch Whisky”, but your audience is not someone who wants to buy whisky!

Keyword Difficulty

Before finalising your keyword stack, you need to realise and know the demand for those phrases and terms. Along with it, one should also be looking at the investment of time, energy and money needed to reach those rankings. If for your selection of keywords, the world’s top brands come up on the first page of rankings, then you have a really long way ahead. It would probably be several years before you could reach there. Understanding keyword difficulty will go a long way in creating your digital marketing strategy and “warfare”

Judging A Keyword’s Value

The fundamental question is – how much is a keyword worth? Webmasters often have access to tools which tells them about the popularity of a certain keyword(s). However, this does not provide any insight into the value of the traffic received from those keywords. For instance – if you own an online bakery, people come searching for you using “chocolate brownies” or “fresh cream cakes”? Understanding a website is necessary to evaluate a keyword.

A four step process helps explain judging the value of a keyword.

  • Self Examination
  • Study A Successful Competitor
  • Run A Sample Short Term Campaign
  • Data Mining For Analytics

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