How Search Engines Are Used By Online Visitors
Knowing the pulse of your target audience is paramount to ensure effective out-reach towards them. An appropriate online marketing strategy involving SEO would work to build an affinity towards your audience which is vital to engage and retain visitors.

Visitors & users are generally used for three basic queries:

  • They “do” transactional queries – For instance online shopping
  • They want to “know” information – For instance searching to know the best Mamak stall in Penang.
  • They “go” navigating – For instance searching to know a particular website or place.

Every time a visitor is directed to your website by a search engine, they come with an expectation of finding what they searched for! All the search engines in the world are basically attempting to answer a search query with the most accurate and relevant match per the user’s request. The entire algorithm is spun around giving the best possible relevant ranked results.

To ensure a constant and growing stream of visitors, your website also has to remain current – this means updated content, infographics and information. Whenever a user is redirected to your website and they do not find the information they were looking for, it disappoints them. This also reflects on your search engine rankings and visibility. An up to date website with a good user experience design and accurate data always leads to a boost in rankings and visitor count.

The magic mantra is “User First, Search Engine Will Follow”. All you need is an SEO expert to bridge them together.


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