SEO Content Refresh
The content you display and post on your website truly represent your business, your organisation and your identity. It is a somewhat neglected part of digital and online marketing and so hits a campaign badly if not corrected. The older your content is, the more irrelevant it becomes. To ensure a continuous stream of relevant visitor traffic, it is necessary for your website to be updated with the latest happenings and development of your vertical and industry. No one wants to know what was done in 1960 when we are in the 21st Century!

Having said this, writing your content first up is also a challenge. Nexus Mediaworks has put up a list of 7 DO’s you should follow at all times to ensure whatever you put on your internet real-estate ie your website, manages to grab attention.

  1. Cent Percent Relevance
    Your website visitors behave like wild animals (source: Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox). Visitors are always on the lookout for more information about services and products they plan to buy. When a lion is hunting for a prey, it first looks for a trail of scent and then instantly decides if it’s worth following. It will then decide how difficult it would be to kill the prey. Similarly, visitors first see what the website is about to offer. Then they see how easy or difficult it is to understand your literature. Most visitors just scan through a web page before deciding to continue reading – it is a decision made in less than about 5 to 10 seconds.
  2. Make Them Stay On The Page
    Creating content for a website is very dis-similar to writing a treatise or an essay. While writing an essay, the most important part and point is its conclusion – which comes at the end of the write-up, quite logical one would say. On a web page, you turn it upside down! Your conclusion comes first to keep the visitor interested and engaged. Your visitors are interested to what you do and what can you do for them. That is all!
  3. Keep It Simple
    A website visitor does not have oodles of time to crack a difficult statement or paragraph. A typical visitor is in a rush to see what you offer, there are probably quite a few browser tabs opened with sites similar to yours. Simple and easy to read statements work best! Avoid humour and satire. Use it only when you have a guarantee that your target audience would understand it!
  4. Assume Your Audience Is Lazy
    A majority of website visitors don’t really want to make an effort to read everything. They want all the information at a glance. To achieve this, ensure you have short sentences and paragraphs (about 4 sentences each). Use short texts.
  5. Provide Information & Help
    Imagine the questions your potential readers may have. Decide one subject of discussion for each page. Put in the keywords and terms your audience would understand. Try giving a few other links if possible. Above all – be helpful.
  6. Create Your Identity
    Your website is unique and portrays your business and thoughts. It cannot be someone else’s imitation. Write in your own way and style. Try injecting in a bit of your own personality while writing.
  7. Depth = Length
    The biggest mistake people make is not discussing details while giving a sporadic, patchy information. The other sin commonly committed is discussing a small issue in multiple pages. Whether you want your content to be long or short, make sure you only go as deep as your length allows. Short articles should only provide a high-level discussion of your topic or in-depth coverage of one aspect of it. Longer content has the space to provide more details.

While it is one thing to follow the above guidelines and compose your own content, an expert helping hand would always enhance your quality and visibility. Secondly, updating and managing content / internet intellectual property may not be an organisation’s core competency. It would be best left to domain specialists like Nexus Mediaworks leaving you with ample time to concentrate on your core responsibilities. We are here as your 24 x forever digital resource!


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