In an ever expanding, competitive world of electronic commerce, the basic tool needed to survive is an internet presence and a cohesive strategy to ensure you are “seen” over the internet. The most effective way to do this is being visible over search engines and other electronic platforms. While the algorithms powering these search engines continuously evolve in sophistication, there are limitations even today in how those bots understand a webpage. It’s different from the way we humans see it. The most important function of Search Engine Optimization is to make your website understable to the bots and to the users who visit the site. SEO enables these engines to understand what each page is all about and how it serves the users.

There are “Smart Alecs” even today who routinely knock down the need of SEO and underplay its importance. They argue that no one would ever create a search engine with a bunch of regulations for a website to be ranked on it. It is continued with the statement that it’s much more sensible to have a system which crawls through any form of scripting, coding and architecture irrespective of its architecture and yet list out the most relevant search results instead of a system that works on “optimisation” through marketing experts.

Let’s take a real life scenario – Imagine you baked a cake and posted a picture on the internet. Generally it would be pictured as “an 8 inches cake with fresh fruit chunks and topped with chocolate”. The world’s most sophisticated search engine will not understand the picture as its been described! Search engines are not built to read like humans. It is Search Engine Optimisation which allows seasoned experts to make it easy for the robots to “see” your image or “read” your words. In fact, adding proper structure to your content is essential to SEO.

SEO experts know the benefits and constraints of search engines. They create, format and publish your data which is easily read by the search robots. Not having a proper SEO plan would keep your website away from being ranked or visible.


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