Tracking Your Success
To improve it, measure it!!! Following your rankings, links, referrals and entire campaign as a whole is critical to your online success. However, to be able to do it, the bottom line is to have a campaign which is measurable! Several online marketing efforts keep meandering along without tangible figures to compare against simply because they are so generic and scattered, it is virtually impossible to put them in numbers.

Every online venture would be unique in many ways which would also mean different measurement metrics. However, given that these activities are revolving around search engines, there are certain parameters which are common to all campaigns and have to be measured to tweak / improve campaigns to achieve success.

  1. Traffic Source – The three main source of traffic coming to your website would be “search traffic”, “referral traffic” and “direct navigation”. Measuring the actual numbers and the percentage each kind of traffic received will present trends of how your campaigns are doing in general and the kind of visitors you are getting. Direct navigation is nothing but visits received from bookmarked links, direct typing of your website’s name in browsers.
    This data gives you the numbers needed to judge your marketing budget’s returns and re-plan your campaigns. For instance if there is a sudden increase in number of visitors but most are referral links, then they would be of low relevance.
  2. Market Share – Looking up individual country statistics along with general visitor data enables you to ascertain the estimated market share against traffic redirected by each search engine. If you notice a significant drop in traffic, individual search engine figures helps track visitor data and investigate the actual cause of traffic loss.
  3. Strategic Insight – Any online marketing campaign involves multiple activities and operations. Some give fantastic results and some not so good. Understanding what is working well on one search engine helps replicate the same strategy on other engines too! If one set of keyword show up higher number of visitors, it would tell you the current market preferences and trends.
  4. Page Visits – For most large websites, just being indexed is important to receive traffic. If you have armed with the knowledge of pages which are doing well and those which aren’t getting many visitors, it would give you an idea of the pages which have been indexed and the different search engines which have indiced the page. With the inclusion of features like sitemaps, quality content, meta data and XML – the trend line would go up!
  5. Overall Campaign Relook – Putting the above 4 together and in perspective, a 360 degree view of your campaign will be available at a high level. Drilling down through individual numbers will give you an account of each dollar spent on your campaigns and deriving the most out of it.

To be able to do all this, you need an expert SEO consultant and partner who would be able to understand your needs and then design a custom made online marketing campaign. Nexus Mediaworks would be happy to partner with you to enable you make your online mark!


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