Current Strategy Assessment
Since you are exploring our section which says “I Wanna Improve My Existing Online Marketing Campaign”, we assume you already have some sort of a campaign running for you, but not very happy with it. Never mind – Nexus Mediaworks is here to help you go one up on your competition.

Nexus Mediaworks offers an exhaustive array of digital marketing services to new and existing customers. Our domain expertise helps us with insights which may not come through to an average SEO enthusiast or a platform specific marketing agency. Hands-on expertise in Organic Search, Pay Per Click, Analytics, Mobile Search and User Experience Development helps us analyse and drill down your current online marketing plan completely.

Our twelve step methodology is simple and yet detailed.

  1. Understand your business and its verticals
  2. Undertake Knowledge Transfer of your current digital marketing and online advertising campaign
  3. Gather business data i.e. campaign budget, objective of each campaign, variety of platforms used etc.
  4. Use analytical tools to run through the entire list of activities.
  5. Assimilate and digest the data and numbers received.
  6. Separate the results campaign wise and activity wise.
  7. Juxtapose results against money spent per campaign and the rate of conversion achieved.
  8. Joint discussion to arrive at a list of marketing objectives to be achieved.
  9. Perform a competition assessment for you.
  10. Recalibrate and redesign the entire strategy and effort based on the insights received.
  11. Redeploy the marketing campaign.
  12. Present improved performance to business stakeholders.

There are some pre-requisites for this assessment and correction plan to be executed for you.

  1. Patience – To understand what has been done
  2. Patience – To realise what needs to be corrected
  3. Patience – To achieve the goals and realise increased revenue & profit.

Search Engine Optimization is an activity which asks for continuous experimenting, trying new permutations and combinations, severe testing of the campaigns and painstaking improvement. The best of projections, gauging and evaluation fail miserably when put up against in-depth domain expertise of optimization and ROI calculation. Measuring your returns is extremely critical if one wants to enjoy high returns on marketing investments.

At Nexus Mediaworks, we take pride in helping you reach all that you wanted to with your business. Come aboard to our expertise!


Partnering with us means collaborating with a highly professional team which will answer all your questions and support your ideas. Get in touch with us to find out what would be the best solution for you.