Conversion Rate Assessment
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

So you have put in an online marketing campaign in place, your rankings are giving you page visits, website content has all the keywords you need, all in all your website is sitting pretty! But do you know how many of those visits are being converted to actual sales? Is your cost of getting leads and traffic eating into your margins? Are you aware of the real numbers your advertisements are getting you? Is your website achieving optimum click-through rates and other objectives?

Nexus Mediaworks offers Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) services enabling your prospects’ funnel to be converted into higher sales conversions. A business would not have a bottom line if there isn’t enough realisation of traffic into conversions. Our ever evolving research and development, testing and reporting, our understanding of conversion optimization and SEO, the two strongholds of online marketing, is unparalleled.

Our Standard Operating Process is as below.

  • Analyse Business Objective
  • Employ online tools and derive campaign statistics
  • Deploy website optimisation including persuasive copywriting, user interface design and campaign realignment
  • Recalibrate existing strategy
  • Redeploy digital marketing campaign.
  • Redeploy digital marketing campaign.

Nexus Mediaworks is your24/7/365 digital presence manager looking after end-to-end operations from generating and qualifying leads to sales conversion!

The Benefits of CRO

In general, average conversion rates hover between 2.5% to 3.1% for un-optimized online marketplace websites. Highly optimized websites boost your conversion anywhere between 50% to 200% depending on spend budgets and the digital strategy used. Ever increasing advertisements and competition eating into your profit margins, an optimized website is the need of the hour! The benefits for your business are as below.

  • An Increase in Sales, Revenues and Profits
  • Increased Lead Generation – Bigger Funnel
  • Boosting “opt-ins” To Build Email List
  • Correction of Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Increased Page Views Leading To Higher Leads
  • Heightened User Engagement
  • Permanent Improvement in Conversion Rates

Advertising an un-optimized website is like throwing good money after bad. Success maximisation needs military like focus on conversion rates. Diligent optimisation is only the start of this cycle. Continued optimisation is the key to lasting high conversion.

Ten factors to maximize your site’s conversion rate are as below.

  • Credible Plagiarism Free Design
  • Easy Navigation
  • Original Logo
  • Creative One Liners
  • Relevant Banner Headlines
  • Intelligent Content Placement
  • Strategic Call for Action
  • Unique Content
  • Using “hero shots”

There are certain CRO mantras which have to be adhered to at all times. Let’s look at them one by one.

Source Credibility – Designing Gut Reactions

Visitors and readers always trust messages which look credible. A website which creates the impression of being credible and accurate will always influence visitors. Matched with an original and imaginative logo establishes a perception of being “creative”, “genuine” and “trustworthy”

Psychology of Persuasion

The art of persuasion is always appreciated over force and coercion. The six “persuaders” exert a certain amount of influence on visitors and people in general. A brief description of each persuader is as below.

Reciprocation: We all feel obligated to repay a gift from others. It is an accepted social norm that compels the beneficiary to return the favour in future. A continuity is established in relationships which is beneficial to society at large.

Commitment and Consistency: The 2 C’s are an important arrow in our armoury. A commitment given would automatically lead to consistence in delivery. The first step of commitment creates a perception that we are reliable resulting in higher conversions.

Societal Proof: The majority’s perception of business influences individual thinking. The society’s influence brings in a certain force to comply with a request. When your prospect knows that their peers have also made similar choices, they tend to take up the suggestion. However, this principle works best under conditions of uncertainty and similarity.

The Liking Phenomenon: If your friend requests an action, it is generally a “yes” to it. A higher probability of conversion may be achieved when it is associated with beneficial attributes, attractive human faces and conducive circumstances. Remember – a friend’s recommendation works much better than a cold call!

Authority: Folks who portray a demeanour of being definitive and factual will always be followed more than plain rhetoric. If there is a “social designation” or a position to accompany it, there will be more fan following.

Scarcity: Remember the limited edition smart-phone you always wanted? That is an opportunity! Creating exclusivity and limitations in availability generates higher value. There is heightened desire to experience it. This is called psychological reactance.

Maximizing conversion rates involves innumerable factors and processed involved in it. However, a few of them stand out as being the most important of them all. A 10 point agenda which fits this objective is as follows.

  1. Credibility-Based Professional Design
    The average bounce rate of a website is about 2 to 5 seconds which means you only have that small window to capture attention, impress the visitor and prolong their stay on your website. Only an authentic, custom made, well thought out, layered design with zero mistakes and incredibly attractive in visuals is going to help you create the kind of “First Impact” needed to grab “eyeballs”. Quality checks should ensure a fast loading website, eradication of styling errors, code and design errors and language proof reading.
  2. Ease of Navigation
    If a visitor cannot find their way through multiple pages and cannot come back to the home page easily, then they are going to be put-off and be none too impressed with the planning of your website. Aspects to be factored in include standard integrated navigation design, relevant and compliant text and infographics, a call of action to encourage visitors to explore more and eventually buy a product.
  3. Logo Credibility Optimization
    What impression does your company’s logo give out? Does it say that your brand is credible, genuine and competent? A logo can make or break your company’s perception. A compelling and thoughtfully created logo goes many a mile in establishing a lasting impression. In the design stages, things to be included are your core competency, unified graphics and symbol, prominent use and display.
  4. The Tagline
    A good tagline would always deliver your USP to the visitor. It becomes an extended identity of your brand, your marketing and triggers a memory recall too! However, a dull irrelevant tagline becomes a laughing stock and devalues your efforts. Try and create a tagline which has some action in it along with a message about your service.
    The trinity of your brand name, logo and tagline form your identity – online and outdoor both! Their effectiveness will increase your brand equity, a tacky effort will wipe you out. A brand name hardly ever changes, however, logos and taglines are always dynamic and amalgamate with current market scenarios and evolving dynamics.
  5. Impactful Headline
    The first line of your website along with the following few statements decide the length of the visitor’s stay and forms the first impression. Better conversion rates can be achieved with clearly thought out and strategically framed headlines. A brilliant headline would deliver a certain punch while explaining the USP and advantages of the service and products. Your most important keywords should queue up in it.
  6. Strategic Content Placement
    Psychological studies show that users look first at the top-left corner of your web page and scan to the right and then to the left in an F-shaped pattern. They end up in the centre of your page where the most important content should reside. The focus is less on the right hand side or places which depict an advertisement. Given this behaviour, navigation works well on the left side for left-to-right readers with testimonials & calls for action being placed on the right hand side.
  7. Entice With Offers and Action Calls
    Your offer is a call to action. You are asking your visitors to act i.e. to purchase, sign up, or opt in. Well-drafted calls to action motivate users to move further into the sales process. For instance, your SUBMIT NOW becomes “Click here to download your free white paper”
  8. Content Quality – WITM
    Any word, picture or infographic published on the website must bring a value addition along with it. That which appeals to a visitor must be incorporated in your write-ups. WITM – What’s In It For Me should be the guiding mantra while composing the literature.
  9. The “HERO SHOT”
    Attractive, visually appealing, pleasing to the eye images boost conversion rates significantly. Products accompanied with their pictorial depiction always sell more! Use the source credibility effect by showing attractive people in uniforms who are administering your offerings and services or answering the phone. Place a picture of your staff on your “About Us” page to improve your credibility and trust by showing that your staff is real.
  10. User Engagement
    Capturing your visitor’s imagination and engaging them with interactive components forces attention on your products and the message you wish to deliver. Use of audios, videos and short flash films as snippets and live chat service result in higher visitor engagement, more time spent on the site and a higher probability of a sale happening. According to LivePerson, an industry leading live chat software service – deploying a live chat service and having it manned by trained and motivated staff can bring in conversions upto 500% with a 48% reduction in sales cycles.

The Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy

Discovery | Planning | Optimization is the three pronged CRO campaign to be deployed for conversion maximisation.

Discovery – A study by shows that most websites realise just 3.1% of their potential because they have not been planned with the end result of visitor conversion. They are “non-compliant” vis-a-vis CRO! The trick is to create a set of qualifying questions which would open up the visitor and convert them into hot leads which can be easily converted. Demographics details of visitors turning up on your website gives you a better idea of who is looking you up and what influences their decision to buy! An added knowledge of the geographical location of your customers will tell you who is influenced and who is not. If the customer base is high, then maybe you want to encourage them to visit your store and persuade them to buy more than what they wanted!!!

Planning – While planning is 2nd in the pecking order, it is by no means less important than discovery! Understanding your customer’s pain points, factors influencing the decision to “buy”, creating a perception that you are better than your competition – all of it needs meticulous planning. The spread of information has to be phase wise in a layered manner creating curiosity and the “want” to buy your product.

Optimization – Eliminating customer frustrations and pains, highlighting advantages, features and benefits, presenting a clear cut case for buying your product and demonstrating low risk potential is the “optimization” phase. This comes after having “discovered” all that you want to and then realigning your digital marketing strategy to “optimize” your chances of conversion.

Keyword Selection

Spend time in understanding the market where your product will be playing and placed. Gathering data and studying the current market leaders will give great insights about what appeals and tugs to the potential customer’s heart. The emotions and sentiments when translated into words become “keywords”. A self-explanatory term – keywords are the most definitive set of phrases which will give you visibility, indexing and ranking based on its relevance to the product you have. Incorporate these search terms into your web pages to mirror their queries and optimize your site for search engines.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Your USP positions you as a different player and the best possible choice for your customers.
  • Your USP is the most definitive proposal and offer you make to a customer
  • Your USP would be the clinching factor to persuade a customer to spend money on your product or service.

In the middle of ever growing competition, clamour and preposterous service claims – it becomes extremely important that you establish a presence and identity based on real facts and rational claims. While your USP does need to be hyperbolic, it still has to be practical, real and “tangible”.


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