How to Rank for Your Competitor’s Keywords: What We Learned from Analyzing 62.6 Million Ecommerce Keyword

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How to Rank for Your Competitor’s Keywords: What We Learned from Analyzing 62.6 Million Ecommerce Keyword

How do you outrank competitors for highly competitive keywords? – The simple answer is more visibility over your competitors. The complexities lie in how to obtain more visibility. We’re going to deconstruct some of the top ways you can outrank your competitors in the SERPs and more effectively gain organic visibility so that your website can come out on top.

1. Keyword Research

A crucial factor during the SEO process includes effective keyword research as it outlines your strategy for on-page SEO, content creation, and most importantly, helps you better understand your audience and their intent.
When a person is in the process of making a purchase, the searches begin very broad in the research phase and become more specific as that person gets closer to making a purchase.

With SEO, you can (and should) target users at all points in the buying cycle. Many companies get hung up on the top funnel terms. Big, broad, high volume terms that are sure to bring in tons of sales leads and sales, right? The truth is, broad terms are extremely competitive, and can also bring with them a lot of unqualified traffic.

Long-tail keywords (~3+ word searches) generally have lower search volume and are less competitive but represent users who are near the end of the buying cycle. This is also a space where you can more easily outrank the competition and earn more qualified traffic at the same time. If you’re competing in an established industry, competition can be fierce.

Oftentimes, the SERPs are saturated with existing companies and the top positions are monopolized by industry giants. If you copy everything an industry giant is doing on their website, down to keyword strategy and metadata, you won’t just assume their authority and rankings. Instead, you may be missing out on opportunities to hone in on more specific keyword themes that could result in more qualified traffic.

2. Create and maintain a list of competitors to monitor.

This will help you narrow your focus when developing a responsive strategy. You might be surprised to find that you have a different set of competitors online. When identifying your direct online competitors, look for the websites that rank on page one of the SERPs for the keywords you are specifically targeting.

If they are within your niche, and outranking you in the SERPs, you may want to consider a similar strategy. Bookmark their website so you can come back to it and continually analyze their optimizations and content. Create more content and web pages that directly relate to that keyword and relevant derivatives. Using this command shows us how many pages under this domain reference cloud computing.

3. Building a rich link juice

How do you find out who is linking to your competitor’s top 10,000 or 500-word pieces?

How do you find out who is linking to your competitor’s top 5,000 or 10,000?

These are the questions that you need to answer if you want to surpass another website’s current ranking.

The solution is to find who is linking to your competitor’s top 10,000 or 500-word pieces. Then, try to recreate those links. Google wants its search engine to deliver relevant results to users. To ensure this, Google’s “Brandy” update released back 2004 set in motion the wheels for search engines to use LSI. In this case, Google will crawl your page and expect to find terms such as “automobile” and “collectors” in your content. This helps search engines better understand and rank your content.

And there you have it, these are the strategies that you can use to rank for your competitors’ keywords.

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