As a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence company, we want to make Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) automation modeled works associated with the human brain. With a major intention, Nexus is initiated to help organizations uncover the best foreboding model for their data in cracking the puzzle of divergent business challenges.


Vision: To make Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) robots modeled on computational concepts of the human brain.

Mission: To create Machine Learning technologies that will surpass human intelligence.

As the Founder of Nexus Mediaworks, Francis has been doing SEO in Alta Vista, Infoseek, and Yahoo since 1994; and with Google since 1999. SEO as a service has developed radically since the recent years when Google introduced RankBrain (Machine Learning) to understand and to predict searcher’s intention.

Being involved in SEO since the Yahoo era, Francis Lui, the Founder and CEO of Nexus Mediaworks Group enthuses, “Traditional SEO takes a few months to see some results, perhaps 3 months or more. With Google’s continual Core Algorithm updates, it is impossible for a human to manually manage changes that quickly, more so for over a prolonged period of time.” In 2019, Google made over 3,200 changes to its search algorithms which required improvements based on identified issues via public reports and ongoing quality appraisals, with many other meticulous updates meant to keep results relevant as content on the web changes.


Francis | SEO Expert

Francis Lui
The Founder, CEO of
Nexus Mediaworks Group

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