Online marketing has very many different streams of activities and aspects to it. Starting from simple steps and measures carried out on the website to multi-level, complex search engine campaigns involving keyword research – there is a wide gamut of things one can do to establish an internet presence. The following would be a broad description of what can be done to build + present your identity on the internet.

  1. Organic Search
    Techniques used for organic SEO include using keywords and keyword analysis, back linking, link building to improve link popularity, and writing content relevant to the website. Simply put, organic search is a process which helps get natural placement on organic search engine results pages or SERPS. Nexus Mediaworks offers this service as part of online marketing consulting.
  2. Analytics Consulting Services
    In the section where we explained “Tracking your success”, we described the different metrics to be used to derive insights of performance, output and return on investment. However, merely having those reports handy is one thing, using those effectively is an altogether another thing! You need seasoned professionals who know how to read it and understand what those reports denote. A misread or misunderstood report is a recipe for disaster. At Nexus Mediaworks, our collective experience of many years into SEO helps us lend you the analytical consulting needed to take your business to the next level once the primary reports come in.
  3. Mobile Search
    Faster internet connection speeds, smart phones, tablets, phablets – it’s the age of mobile devices and mobility. Gone are the days when technology crawled with java based mobile browsers. Today, we jet along with KitKat and iOS along with Windows. With over 50% of the internet traffic being accessed through a mobile device, mobile search has taken a new meaning, literally! Webmasters and website owners just cannot afford to ignore or overlook this segment of users. Making websites mobile browser friendly and ensuring there is a mobile version available is of paramount importance now. This includes custom titles, developing mobile SEO Easy Scroll pages and other optimization measures. Nexus Mediaworks’s rich experience in developing user interfaces across platforms & devices helps our customers and prospects have a one stop solution for mobile and legacy search.
  4. Pay Per Click
    Cost per click or Pay per click is an old but popular advertising model on the internet. Search engines typically charge users based on the number of clicks received by an advertisement spot, a way to build visitor traffic on your website. This is not part of organic search. The sponsored ads you often see at the top of Google’s search results page, marked with a yellow label is an example of pay per click. It is beneficial for everyone – the searchers, advertisers and search engines. PPC stands out because they dont just reward the highest bidders for a keyword click, but they also honour highest quality ads (most popular with visitors). PPC helps you generate leads at a lower cost compared to other marketing campaigns and helps grow your customer base.
    Nexus Mediaworks will help you design a pay per click campaign depending on your budget, target audience and products.
  5. User Experience Development
    The role of user experience development, sometimes referred to as UX Development, can never be stressed enough. A proper UX can raise and levitate your impression. This augments lead generation & conversion, automatically increasing your business and revenue. A holistic UX development process includes looking at the smallest of touch points to the bigger and broader website design, literature design and the look-n-feel of your internet real estate – your website.Each website is unique and hence needs different treatment. Generalising designs would be the biggest mistake one can do. Your website is your identity – it has to reflect what you can do! Nexus Mediaworks has a dedicated design team who are exhaustive in details and delicate in handling the end presentation.Please remember – your website is your identity, is your character, and is your representation!


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