Due to the strength of our economy, business competition in Malaysia is at an all time high. Meanwhile the cost of running a traditional business has almost doubled over the last decade.
Fortunately the growth in popularity of the Internet is now presenting you with new and unique ways to reduce your overheads, whilst at the same time giving you instant access to vast new markets. ECommerce websites offer a series of unique advantages including:
ECommerce is the world's fastest growing sales channel, reaching total revenue of USD 5 trillion in 2006. Many Malaysian companies are already tapping into this market and you can too.
Our job is to help you discover how eCommerce can be adapted to your unique situation, and to help you implement a strategy that will allow your business to increase profitability and quickly reach national, or even global markets.
Maybe we are late bloomers, or maybe our politicians are to blame, but for whatever reason Malaysian businesses have been very slow to adopt the Internet and eCommerce.
As a result, the online shopping facilities provided by Malaysian companies are lagging years behind those of their American and European counterparts.
Meanwhile, Malaysian consumers are eager to spend their money on the Internet. Years of economic prosperity has lined the pockets of Malaysian consumers and today the majority of Malaysians are comfortable using a credit card to make online purchases.
ECommerce websites may be accessible from anywhere in the world, but in many industries concerns about quality, warranty, and the privacy of our personal information, means Malaysians still prefer to buy goods and services from Malaysian companies.
This trend has created a huge demand for Malaysian goods and services on the Internet, and while still a minority, smart Malaysian business owners are lining up to meet this demand.